Project Description

Wireless Coverage


Concerts, festivals, celebrations, street protests, sports competitions, all these events have in common the fact that they gather crowds of people on a relatively small area, creating a very high density of users who want to share or augment their experience through data applications that demand a lot of mobile network resources. Hence the pressure to find a way to deliver voice and data services to a large number of users reaches a maximum level within public events.

In the case of venues that are constantly hosting large events (stadiums, concert halls, multipurpose halls) and for which there is no question of efficiency in allocating complex dedicated systems, there is often a gap between the willingness of operators to implement their solutions and the restrictions imposed by architects, urbanists, local authorities, etc. A solution meant to solve the problems of both parties would certainly be our wireless coverage system in the benefit of the end users.

Download the case study and read more about the solution we implemented and which were the results.

  • Location

  • Multiple locations in Romania

  • Type of space

  • City squares, event venues, festival areas

  • Products we used

  • Commscope multibeam Antenna 5NPX1006F


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