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Our story

Claritech team started to take shape 12 years ago, originally formed by a handful of passionate engineers and technicians, experienced professionals and with the desire for innovation and to leave a mark on the world of telecommunications. All the moments and events on the way of its evolution, from simple projects to the most challenging, each of them equally beneficial for the growth, marked the natural development of the team and the solid presence of a specialized company with reliable partners and with a portfolio of high quality products and services in this industry – radio-frequency infrastructure projects, remote management systems for technical spaces and distributed antenna systems for indoor coverage or wireless network communication solutions.

Nevertheless, some of them are worth mentioning as they are milestones full of meaning and representative for the evolution of the company, since they have traced the direction towards a continuous development and motivated us in choosing courageous objectives over the years.

wireless network communication solutions

In our cooperation with our customers and partners we guide ourselves to strong principles that are primarily aimed at meeting the requirements of the final customer.

We deliver innovative and effective solutions

By offering our services on the telecommunications market we are committed to a high level of adaptability, understanding the needs and challenges of our customers and come up with forward-looking solutions that prove efficiency on long term.

We are a team of dedicated and determined professionals

One of our most important assets is our team of experienced engineers and business professionals, who responsibly work together on finding and delivering reliable telecom infrastructure services for our customers.

We are flexible, we propose optimal solutions, test and implement them fast

We permanently design and develop our services using flexible and clear approach, we take in consideration all variables and recommend to our customers the most appropriate technical solutions (RF products, telecom integrated hardware and software systems), for which we offer a trial period and fast implementation.

We are driven by constant performance improvement

We are keen on progress and performance improvement and this has driven us for more than 10 years to keep up with a fast-paced industry and achieve sustainable results. The efforts we successfully invested in this direction are strongly confirmed by the satisfaction of our customers, as well by our long-term and trustworthy business partnerships.

We integrate advanced internal process management systems

Our experience taught us that the most successful projects are achieved whenever the resources are being used efficiently. Therefore, continuous optimization of our internal processes represents one of our main objectives and we focus to enhance them by integrating in our daily work advanced resources management systems.

One of our most important assets is OUR TEAM of experienced engineers and business professionals, who responsibly work together on finding and delivering reliable telecom infrastructure services for our customers.

Cristian Croitor

Managing Director

Bogdan Braga

Operations Manager

Radu Stoica

Tehnical Manager

Petre Paiu

Project Manager

Dorin Cochior

Senior Radio Designer

Alina Sforaru

Marketing Manager

Dan Ștefan

Field Team Leader

Răzvan Damian

Project Coordinator

Andra Mitrea

Operations Specialist

Ionuț Teocan

Radio Engineer

Daniel Coman

Warehouse Coordinator

George Barbu

Operations Specialist

Cătălin Popa

Field Engineer

Valentin Dumitru

Field Technician

Bogdan Bălan

Field Technician

Adrian Ene

Radio Engineer