Here is a document with all you need to know about the benefits of real-time datacenter infrastructure monitoring in a single pane of glass: from the basics to details about the integrated monitoring solution built to keep clients’ operations running efficiently. Read more about:

  • The current landscape of IT infrastructure operation
  • Key benefits of unified datacenter infrastructure monitoring
  • Tips to improve infrastructure performance monitoring using FOCUS
  • Tips to improve energy efficiency using FOCUS
  • Top KPIs to monitor in your datacenter operations
  • About FOCUS, the monitoring solution for datacenters – features and benefits

Dedicated to easing the monitoring tasks for Data Center Managers/ Operators/ Engineers, CTOs, CIOs, Power and Network Teams, IT Teams, and Facilities Teams.

ebook datacenter infrastructure monitoring

Unified datacenter infrastructure monitoring

Download the ebook and find out how you can benefit from a single pane of glass monitoring.
Proactive alerting and detailed reporting for all the systems in your IT infrastructure.
Scalable solution suitable from few racks to complex data center, whether you work in telecom, banking / finance or retail industry.

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    Claritech is a technology company that integrates IoT solutions to improve remote operations and support data-driven decision-making for IT infrastructure management.

    We supply turn-key solutions, providing complete systems for remote monitoring and automation of power supply, HVAC, and access control/ security systems. We help companies to achieve higher operational efficiency and reduce their energy footprint.

    Our integrated solutions aim to solve the challenges in critical infrastructure management by fully leveraging the smart use of technologies and data, focusing on the efficient use of resources.

    More than a tool, FOCUS is the essential monitoring solution built to keep clients’ infrastructure operations running efficiently.

    From a single rack to complex data center infrastructure, FOCUS supports IT teams and facility management teams with visibility, control, and efficiency while managing a single pane of glass.

    For a full overview of FOCUS, click here.

    FOCUS is a professional and reliable integrated monitoring solution that can help you supervise the whole tech ecosystem in a single pane of glass so you can run an effective IT infrastructure management:

    • Collect and analyze telemetry data from all systems, applications, networks, and equipment;
    • See all infrastructure elements in a centralized view;
    • Know the state of the infrastructure in real-time to make the best decisions: prevent bottlenecks, improve performance, and avoid failures.

    For a full overview of FOCUS, click here.

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