Our client – a chalet located 26 km outside the town of Buzau, in an isolated place, but, in the same time, very popular for the surroundings with wild forests and beautiful landscapes. This is “Cabana Izvoranu”, whose owners have invested a lot of resources when arranging the accommodation and the restaurant in a sustainable way, without affecting the natural environment, having in mind the inspiration of a traditional Romanian lifestyle. In the same time, they wanted to offer their guests the comfort of a modern life, including a stable WiFi connection, especially since there is no coverage from mobile operators in the area.

The accommodation already benefited from an Internet connection and WiFi coverage, but the customers who spent most of their time in the restaurant area, weren’t satisfied with the lack of connectivity. That’s why, the owners’ objective was to get WiFi connectivity both inside the restaurant and outdoors for the terrace and the glade.

Our solution had to have a minimal impact on the architecture of the two buildings, without any kind of intervention on the natural environment.

Download the case study and read more about the equipment used to provide data connection for the entire place.

  • Location

  • Izvoranu village/ Tisău, Buzău county, Romania

  • Customer: Izvoranu Chalet (“Cabana Izvoranu”)

  • Type of space

  • Hotel/restaurant

  • Products we used

  • Proxim Orinoco QB-9150 Access Point with integrated backhaul

  • Technologies

  • Point to Point, WiFi


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