power monitoring system

Power monitoring system – About Phoenix Broadband Technologies

Phoenix Broadband Technologies, LLC is a USA company that was founded in 2003 by Cable industry veterans specializing in critical power systems monitoring. PBT’s most known product, PowerAgent, is a critical power monitoring system, the most comprehensive system on the market, and it’s based on advanced patent-pending technology called “admittance” testing.

With help of PowerAgent customers can analyze the complete status and history of every battery in their UPS, which stage the battery is in its life-cycle and make predictions about future equipment failures, level of performance or life expectancy of the batteries. Additionally, it’s also possible to remotely monitor and control key information about chargers, generators, and even the HVAC and security systems on the place.

power monitoring system

All these technical improvements are necessary especially for mission-critical sites that require un-interruptible power monitoring system. Apart from extending battery life, another real benefit is that it allows periodical performance tests, while optimizing the operational costs, previously increased by manual maintenance visits.

Why use Power Agent Solution?

Comparing further to traditional manual testing (of batteries and generators), which is time consuming and expensive, resulting in only a few data points being collected per year, PowerAgent can provide continuous and repeatable test data with thousands of data points per year.

Remote monitoring of UPS and DC power plants can bring customers plenty of advantages that can enhance their overall performance and save precious time:

  • Greatly reduced maintenance costs
  • Real-time visibility of DC power plant and UPS batteries
  • Reliable and continuous measurement data and accurate trend line data
  • Ability to check complete status and history of every battery
  • Ability to predict battery failures
  • Effective resources management in crisis situations
  • Automated alarm notification
  • Standards-based hardware and software

We understand the added value that such a monitoring solution might bring for site management, therefore we integrated PBT quality products into our own portfolio and recommend the solution to our customers whenever they need it.