Turnkey monitoring solutions for improving energy performance and increasing data center uptime

Review, control, and document the operation of power supply, cooling, and ventilation systems, and supervise physical access to data center equipment.
With a proven record of monitoring projects for the largest data centers in Romania, Claritech offers viable and flexible solutions – we integrate parameters from existing systems, meter and connect to provide you with real-time data and trends, related alerts and reports.

Monitoring solutions data center

Explore the benefits of our monitoring solutions validated for over 10 years:

  • Streamline data center operation
  • Reduce the cost of human interventions
  • Increase data center uptime


Integrated monitoring solutions for optimizing energy consumption and improving operational efficiency

Monitor and report temperature for retail storage and work spaces nationwide, ensuring its compliance.

Integrated systems for retail networks use IoT technologies, aggregating data into dashboard platforms and providing an overview of the entire network, as well as methods to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Monitoring solutions

How to optimize energy consumption for Retail Networks:

  • Monitor and reduce energy consumption by metering
  • Reduce losses by continuously monitoring UPS and generator systems
  • Automatic inventory of equipment and monitoring of its operating status


Automated monitoring solutions for temperature control, environmental conditions and for increasing energy performance in warehouses and logistics spaces

Reduce operating costs by automatically controlling lighting, cooling and heating systems.

The monitoring system provided by Claritech consists of hardware and software solutions, based on digital sensors and meters, that allow you to monitor warehouse, distribution centers and logistics facilities.

dashboard monitoring solutions power warehouse

How to increase energy efficiency and reduce operational costs in warehouses and logistics facilities:

  • Monitor consumption and resource utilization by collecting and aggregating data into easy to read overview reports
  • Analyze the data obtained from the calculation and reports with energy performance indices
  • Prevent risks by correlating alarms from equipment and sensors


Integrated hardware and software solutions for infrastructure supervision and increasing the availability of critical systems

Monitor and control critical systems to increase infrastructure availability and incident resilience.

Claritech offers supervision and control solutions that integrate alarms and parameters collected from power supply, cooling and ventilation equipment, telecommunications as well as from access control and video surveillance systems.

Claritech systems provide control panel software features that increase awareness and lead to effective interventions on the affected systems.

Monitoring solutions


We cooperate with trustworthy equipment vendors so we can integrate and deliver efficient end-to-end monitoring solutions.

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