Nlyte DCIM

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Claritech brings Nlyte DCIM Software for the first time on the Romanian market, as a response to the stringent necessity of companies to have an immediate and innovative solution for Data Center Infrastructure Management. The advanced technology used by Nlyte DCIM offers companies the opportunity to have a holistic view over power, space and the environmental parameters of data centers. All these options work together and provide better efficiency, security and overall performance of the infrastructure.

Data Center Infrastructure Management is a critical point for many businesses. At the same time, trying to coordinate the management teams and the IT departments is another challenge for modern companies, as this is the reason why many critical business decisions are delayed. An automated monitoring and control system for the data center infrastructure can solve these challenges and can offer executives the needed information for making data-driven decisions in a timely manner, without having to create perfect coordination with a technical team.

Nlyte DCIM Software is an advanced system that automates the monitoring process of data centers, ensures efficient management of the workflows and offers the possibility to create extensive reports for the entire infrastructure (physical and virtual), including IoT devices.

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    What can Nlyte DCIM help you with?

    Improve Data Center Efficiency

    Reduce the costs associated with the infrastructure monitoring

    Automate the workflows

    Reduce the risks through frequent what-if simulations and audits

    Strategic planning of the data center processes

    Automated graphic reporting

    Improve the accuracy of data

    Reduce the number of human errors

    Real-time updates on data and devices

    Legal compliance of the IT infrastructure

    Reduce the reaction time in case of emergency (automated alerting system included)

    Improve the decision-making process

    Improve the business performance with an efficient management system
    Data Center Management
    How does Nlyte work?
    Data Center Infrastructure
    Where can you implement Nlyte DCIM?

    Financial Services

    The continuous market changes determine financial companies around the world to adopt new technological solutions and to embrace digital transformation so they can better meet consumers expectations and needs. At the same time, this change focused on consumers proves to be incompatible with the former software systems existing inside the company, creating even more challenges.

    For one of the world’s top banks, data center infrastructure management became extremely difficult, while accurate data analysis (data collected from more than 120 different agencies) almost impossible. The systems were monitored through traditional databases, but the error margin reached in many cases even 25%, an extremely high percentage for companies in this industry. Nlyte implementation had the purpose of optimizing the processes and of offering the company the possibility to monitor all its assets efficiently.


    The automation had extensive benefits for the bank:

    • Operational costs reduced by 60%
    • Energy consumption optimization in each data center
    • Real-time identification of the available resources from each data center
    • Efficient data gathering, storing and analysis, regardless of the data age
    • Ensured legal compliance
    • Continuous monitoring of the workflows (this has an immediate impact of the time spent by the employees to do this job)


    • Real-time monitoring of the environmental indices (temperature, ventilation, heat)
    • Quick identification of risky situations and reduced reaction time thanks to the automated alerting system
    • Nlyte allowed the company to monitor and optimize different areas in the data centers, so it can reduce the costs and increase the overall performance.
    sistem de monitorizare

    Telecom industry

    Attracting and retaining consumers is one of the main objectives that telecom businesses have. However, to be able to accomplish this critical goal, companies need to leverage the latest technology innovations as a competitive advantage and to create the best consumer experience.

    Even the biggest telecom businesses face challenges when it comes to data center infrastructure management, one of them being the largest telecom provider in Belgium. The company had significant difficulties with high energy consumption, but also with the identification of network errors in a timely manner. On the long run, these aspects would have a big impact on the business reputation and performance.

    Nlyte DCIM solution helped the organization improve their performance and to offer end consumers the best services, without downtimes and other network issues. Some benefits experienced by the company are:

    • Increased market share thanks to the high quality of services
    • Efficient management of physical and virtual processes specific for the telecom industry
    • Improved visibility over the entire set of pieces of equipment and assets in the data centers
    • Reduces the costs associated with energy consumption thanks to the optimizations made by Nlyte
    • Reduced reaction time in case of emergencies



    • Improved decision-making process for the management team
    • Nlyte offered the opportunity to rapidly identify network issues, but also the primary users that could be affected
    • Improved accessibility and flexibility – each Nlyte user can access anytime and anywhere specific information about the equipment, processes, environmental conditions, etc.

    Retail industry

    Consumer-oriented companies, such as the supermarket and store chains, have the mission to keep consumers interested in their products. In the past decade, retail companies fought for their place on the market through innovation, making the digital transformation mandatory. But besides different benefits, this transformation also brought retail companies multiple challenges, mostly when it comes to consumers’ data protection.

    Keeping a large business running it’s a real challenge for executives, and when the data centers can’t be monitored efficiently, the company can experience significant loses. One of world’s largest home improvement retailers, which owns four data centers and over 1500 servers across the globe, decided to implement Nlyte solution. Like many businesses in this sector, the company was using an improvised monitoring system, which lacked automated reporting capabilities. After the implementation, the benefits were visible:

    Nlyte Software
    • The company was now able to have a clear overview of the entire data centers infrastructure on one screen, something impossible in the past
    • Fast segmentation of the assets depending on the location, usage level, energy consumption, age, etc.
    • Improved reporting capabilities – the company finally had the needed tools to identify the underutilized resources, the available space and the capacity of the existing servers
    • Continuous monitoring over the workflows
    • Quick identification of the weak point in each data center
    • Ensured legal compliance – the business can protect the personal data of consumers through proper monitorization
    • Fast identification of consumption trends
    • Significant cost reduction thanks to the energy consumption optimization
    Other industries where Nlyte DCIM can be implemented

    Logistics and Supply Chain

    Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

    Software Industry

    Claritech offer:

    Claritech is the only Romanian provider of Nlyte solution, the market leader for data center infrastructure management. The solution offer:

    • Optimization of energy consumption
    • Efficient organization of the racks in each data center
    • Ensured environmental conditions (temperature, ventilation, heat)
    • Reduced number of resources allocated for data center monitoring
    • The opportunity to anticipate system issues
    • Reduces costs associated with equipment maintenance
    • Claritech offers implementation and technical support during the entire collaboration period.

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