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Wireless monitoring systems

Use wireless sensors to optimize consumption and improve your business performance!

Claritech brings closer to companies interested in digital transformation the Aranet wireless monitoring systems. The products are IoT-based, a technology that offers excellent benefits and competitive functionalities on the market.

Each of the wireless monitoring systems includes automated alerting and reporting options for different environmental conditions, which are essential for many businesses. Any company can monitor a series of parameters remotely to ensure the quality and the compliance of the end products, while also maintaining the needed standards for specific plants cultures – temperature and humidity monitoring in air and soil, carbon dioxide level, ventilation systems and electrical systems monitoring from farms, greenhouses, data centres, warehouses, factories, commercial centers and even public spaces.

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Types of Aranet sensors
Senzori de monitorizare a temperaturii si umidității (aer)

Temperature sensors

Senzor temperatura si umiditate IP68

Humidity sensors (soil and air)

Senzori monitorizare nivel CO2

CO2 sensors

Senzori monitorizare tensiune si curent (3)

Solar radiation sensors

Senzori probe PT1000

Soil nutrient level sensor

Wireless Monitoring and Control Systems

Plant weight sensor

Where can you use Aranet Wireless Monitoring Systems?
senzori pentru sere

Farms and greenhouses

Ensures the best conditions for growing plants through continuous control of the environmental conditions (air and soil relative humidity, temperature, CO2, fertilizers etc.)

sisteme de monitorizare

Warehouses and logistics

The sensors reduce the losses associated with the specific storage conditions of each type of perishable product, through customized monitoring of the spaces.

senzori de control

Office buildings and other spaces

Effective integration of the current monitoring systems for heat and air conditioning with Aranet sensors to optimize the overall building management systems (hotels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, and commercial centers)

senzori datacenter

Data Centers

Improve the performance and the availability of data centers through continuous monitoring of ventilation, heat and electrical systems.


Factories and production points

Maximize the production and the outcome by optimizing resources consumption and by improving the overall quality control system.

Recent implementations

Supermarkets and grocery stores

Many supermarkets and grocery stores face challenges when it comes to ensuring specific temperatures in their freezers. Moreover, collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data to ensure the conformity and to optimize consumptions is also a real challenge for businesses in this industry, mostly when the process in manual. By implementing Aranet sensors, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Northern Europe solved these challenges and achieved their goals:

  • They managed to reduce the resources consumption associated with their temperature parameters.
  • Reduced human errors
  • Automated data collection from each space
  • Real-time optimization of the predetermined parameters
  • Reduced food spoilage
  • Efficient quality assurance and compliance with food safety regulations


monitorizare a umidității

Greenhouses, farms and food warehouses

Agriculture changed significantly in the past two decades, and we see now important advancements in this industry. But continuous monitoring of the environments is still a challenge for businesses in this sector.

For one of the biggest vegetable producer in Turkey, simple temperature monitoring with traditional thermometers became ineffective, and the results weren’t accurate, which produced significant losses for the company.

After implementing a sophisticated monitoring system with wireless Aranet sensors, the company experienced visible benefits in a short period:
  • Reduced time for checking the parameters
  • Permanent monitoring  of the greenhouses (24/7/365)
  • Holistic view on different cultures
  • The company was finally able to identify the weak points in each greenhouse
  • Improved data accuracy for all data sources
  • Optimized environmental conditions thanks to the continuous data analysis
  • Reduced reaction time in case of emergencies or when risk values were reached thanks to the automated alerting system
  • Increased production and overall outcome

Offices and commercial centers

Air pollution is a concern for people, but what about the air quality inside different buildings? This aspect tends to be ignored.

According to the latest reports on this topic, the indoor level of pollutants (schools, offices, commercial centers, and others) may be five times higher than outdoors.

The same studies highlighted that high levels of carbon dioxide could reduce the workers’ productivity significantly, affecting the overall business results.

The Aranet wireless sensors can be implemented in such spaces, and the results will be visible both on individuals and companies:

  • Increased employees productivity (well-ventilated spaces help people be 61% more productive at work)
  • Improved wellbeing (the spaces that don’t have adequate ventilation systems can cause headaches, dizziness, excessive fatigue and general discomfort)
  • Improved business profitability (by spending $40 per person per year on indoor air quality, companies can obtain more than US$6500 for each employee thanks to the increased productivity)
sisteme de monitorizare

Warehouses and storage spaces

Some products such as perishable goods, drugs or technical pieces of equipment need conditions when being stored. Ensuring a specific level of temperature and optimal humidity are essential for these spaces. Aranet wireless sensors can be installed in any storage space for efficient monitoring of the environmental conditions. At the same time, companies using these systems can collect and analyze real-time data for effective decision making. The advantages experienced after implementing these sensors are various:
  • Ensured storage conditions according to the national and international regulations
  • Reduced number of human errors thanks to the automated control
  • Reduced costs associated with products spoilage
  • Continuous monitoring of each space
  • Reduced the time needed for data collection and analysis
  • Reduced reaction time when reaching risky parameters thanks to the automated alerting system
Our offer includes:
  • Complete monitoring systems for temperature and humidity (air and soil)
  • Advanced weight sensor for fruits and vegetables
  • Sensors for monitoring the soil nutrients level
  • Monitoring sensors for heat, ventilation and electrical systems
  • Secure storage in a local server
  • Automated alerts by email or phone
  • Automated data collection and storage
  • Advanced reporting and analysis system with visual graphics
  • Easy and fast implementation
  • Scalable system (each system can have between 1 and 100 sensors)
  • Increased energy efficiency (the battery of the sensors can last up to 10 years)
  • Permanent monitoring (24/7/365)
  • Up to 3 km coverage
  • Easy access to data from different devices (smartphone, tablet, and computer)
  • Free and accessible system updates
  • Maintenance and support

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