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About Asentria Corporation – manufacturer for remote monitoring systems

Claritech has started the cooperation with Asentria Corporation in 2010 and is the official reseller partner of Asentria products in Romania since then. Asentria manufactures hardware solutions for remote monitoring and optimization of technical infrastructure and SiteBoss is the main line of products. Since 2015, Claritech has integrated its sales and technical support teams to support EMEA projects.

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Based in USA (Seattle, Washington) Asentria Corporation was an early pioneer in the M2M “Machine to Machine” world, starting over 30 years ago. Asentria products are now currently in use worldwide in cellular or other wireless networks, cable and DSL networks, and networks related to radio and tv, oil and gas development, electrical or other utilities, highway departments, rail, and the military. Having over 1000’s of installations worldwide, as well as individual customers with more than 15,000 of devices deployed, Asentria prides itself with products that are solid, simple, sensible and supported, which are part of some of the largest and most sophisticated networks in the world.

Remote monitoring systems – About Asentria products

Asentria mainly addresses its products to communication network operators, by offering complex solutions for monitoring, access, and automatic or remote control of the locations on their network, which enables the Network Operation Center (NOC) to optimize the cost of operating the network and reduce risk of a loss of service.

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By its products’ functionalities it can keep track of any environmental conditions (e.g. high temperature, excessive water, an open do­or or window, power outages, etc.) that could potentially pose a threat to remote equipment. The products are easy to install and cost-effective to use, help detect and alert network managers before any harm is done to remote equipment – in case any problem occurs, corrective actions can be remotely performed, such as rebooting a locked computer, turn on a fan, enable or disable power systems or manage devices, change equipment configuration parameters, connect remote users to restricted ports and much more.

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