> Plug-and-play system
> Possibility to expand sensors network with an optimal investment
> Long-term accuracy and long service life
> Precise factory calibration sensors, in a redundant configuration

Extensive air quality monitoring networks in Smart cities

Air quality monitoring and profiling of fine particulate matter pollution in congested urban areas.

Monitoring and analysis of seasonality for air quality in heavy urban road traffic



Positioned as a metrologically certified and cost-effective solution, the Nubo Air solution monitors air quality with excellent data accuracy on long term.

Due to its modular structure and low total cost of ownership, it represents a fast and cost-efficient way to plan and develop a large sensor network for air quality monitoring without compromising data accuracy. An extensive urban monitoring network brings much more representative results from geographical point of view and useful information to the members of a community. Transparent data can provide specific recommendations to avoid moments or areas with a high degree of air pollution.

Judicious design and quality of execution, guaranteed by certified Swiss sensor technology, as well as the system with exchangeable cartridges, ensure an increased device lifetime and a good viability of the initial investment.


Nubo Monitor One central unit

Exchangeable cartridge system with sensors

Connectivity included Edge / UMTS / LTE

IoT platform with web / mobile access

air quality

Complete solution for real-time air pollution map, with calibrated long-life sensors


Precise factory calibration

The system offers long term reliable and trustworthy air quality data, especially due to the redundant configuration, factory calibrated sensors. The self-configuration and self-diagnostic functions ensure continuous quality control and reliable calibration in case of any issue.

Automated diagnostic function

The system is based on internal algorithms, assessing the health of the attached sensors. In case of any issue detected, it sends alert messages indicating when to refresh calibration or to upgrade to future sensing technology. Thus, the data quality is ensured no matter how polluted the environment in which the station operates.

Certified Swiss sensor technology

The Nubo Air monitoring system, with MCERTS certification, is produced by the sensor experts from Sensirion, a Swiss company with a tradition of more than 20 years in the production of high-precision sensors.

Plug and play system

The solution consists of a modular unit with dual, redundant, calibrated elements, easy to install and maintain. Once the deployment is done, the system starts transmitting the data to an IoT platform by using an internal wireless modem that works directly in any network (eSIM).

Integration via API and automatic reporting

The collected data is periodically transmitted and stored either in the cloud or on the user's local infrastructure. The results are presented in dashboard format available on any device, in a web application, as automatically or manually generated reports.


Easy deployment and integration

The Nubo Air station can be mounted on lighting poles or on walls and can be mains or battery powered. Autonomous operation is also possible by connecting the device to the optional solar panel. We offer installation support through a national network of deployment and maintenance teams.

Effective investment

The initial cost as well as the costs of data transmission and use of the platform are competitive and allow beneficiaries to efficiently develop an air quality monitoring network by installing sensors in more areas of interest for good representativeness of data.

Education tool

By developing an extensive air pollution monitoring infrastructure, with accurate and representative data, prevention programs can be planned, to check when the air pollutant emission limits are exceeded. The transparency of the results can thus raise awareness and increase community participation.


Know the air we breathe daily

 NUBO AIR distributor in Romania, Claritech, has installed over 45 Nubo sensors in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Suceava. The data collected from the air quality monitoring network is available free of charge on the platform




Air quality monitoring system with urban networks of calibrated sensors

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