Integrated systems with sensors and software for remote and real-time air quality monitoring

Mobile stations for air pollution monitoring

Monitoring systems with metrological certification dedicated especially for local authorities or public agencies for measuring PM10, PM2.5 or noise pollution.

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Calitate aer Nubo

Nubo Air monitoring network for measuring PM1 and PM2.5

Cost-efficient certified system for air quality monitoring to facilitate the development of urban networks with multiple sensor locations.

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Indoor monitoring system for CO2

Indoor air quality monitoring sensors for schools, institutions, or office workspaces. It includes alert system with alert thresholds and online application for access to recorded data.

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Integrated and customised remote monitoring systems, based on  data analysis

Review and control the operation of power supply, cooling, and ventilation systems, and supervise physical access to data center equipment.


Monitor and report temperature for retail storage and work spaces nationwide, ensuring its compliance.

Eficienta energetica Claritech


Reduce operating costs by automatically controlling lighting, cooling and heating systems.


Monitor and control critical systems to increase infrastructure availability and incident resilience.

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Integrated turnkey solutions for radio and fixed communications networks

Wireless communications networks

We design high-quality wireless solutions which support our customers’ needs by increasing data speeds and capacity.
Our offer with efficient IP communication systems includes:Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Systems, Wireless LAN/ Wi-Fi Systems.

We own network design resources, project management and field teams to quickly implement communication networks for any business or institution.

Radio frequency infrastructure equipment

We offer reliable, field-proven products for mobile operators, PMR and Tetra networks, microwave antenna communications and other types of communication networks.
Antennas, coaxial cables and Cable assemblies (jumpers), connectors and grounding kits, splitters, combiners and filters, cable clamps, tools and installation accessories, waveguides and flanges.

Distributed antenna systems

More than 18.000 passive and active DAS design and installation projects in residential, commercial and public venues prove our professional expertise.
From small office DAS solutions and cell sites to stadiums and large sports arenas, from subway stations to busy shopping centers, we can provide cost effective distributed antenna systems for your business.

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