Monitoring Software provider

Monitoring Software provider – About InterMapper (a division of HelpSystems)

For over 30 years, HelpSystems has delivered to its customers and partners proven IT and business technology solutions and award-winning support. The HelpSystems portfolio now includes monitoring and management, security, compliance, business intelligence, and document management solutions.

Based in Minneapolis U.S. and with 450 employees in 20 offices worldwide, HelpSystems sells its solutions directly and through strategic partners around the globe. Since 2012, we are proud to be part of this network of partners responsible for the network monitoring software portfolio.

Monitoring Software

Intermapper is HelpSystems’ tool designed for IT infrastructure monitoring and is a network mapping and monitoring software compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, by which you can have real-time visibility into device performance. Reliable and flexible, Intermapper gives network professionals visibility into what’s happening on the network in real time — which positions them always one step ahead of potential outages. The tool is easy to install and quick to learn.

All sizes of organizations with networks can rely on the visual maps and flexible monitoring from Intermapper, not only in the industry of Technology and Telecommunications, but also Finance, Healthcare and many others.

What can you do with Intermapper?

  • Autodiscover your network and create live maps.
  • Monitor anything with an IP address.
  • Set alerts to notify you of outages or poor performance.
  • Integrate with Automate for automatic network remediation.
  • Monitor network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time.
  • Give users remote access to monitor the network from anywhere