> Simple solution for measuring CO2 levels indoor
> Useful tool as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of getting sick with the Covid-19 virus or to reduce fatigue

Performance and concentration can increase significantly if there is fresh air in schools and classrooms

Monitoring indoor air quality is an important component in the fight against air pollution

Clean air is essential for the health and performance of employees at work



The solution consists of a small-size equipment based on an NDIR sensor produced by Sensirion Switzerland. The sensor is pre-calibrated by the manufacturer and allows continuous measurement of the carbon dioxide concentration for indoor air, as well as humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure.

The device warns you about the CO2 high level in a room and reminds you to ventilate when needed. In this way, the negative effects on human health can be prevented – fresh air can help improve the level of concentration, decrease tiredness, but also the risk of infection with Covid-19.

The measurements can be interpreted in real time, without the need for special technical knowledge, so that immediate preventive measures can be taken.

The sensor shows a color according to the carbon dioxide concentration. The optimal level of CO2 is marked by the blue color of the LED, while green light stands for a low concentration. The yellow light will indicate an increased concentration of CO2, while at red a ventilation should be done due to excessive concentration. In this way, the need for fresh air can be easily and correctly assessed according to the traffic lights or acoustic buzzer.

This sensor can be used both in the workplace or for study, as well as in technical spaces where there is a risk of carbon dioxide accumulation.


NDIR CO2 sensor, by Sensirion Switzerland

Temperature and humidity sensor

Air pressure sensor

LED indicator with alert thresholds

Sound indicator


Mobile application for historical data viewing and alerting

Constant real-time monitoring of the main factors influencing air quality in rooms.
Alert reminder for optimal ventilation of the rooms.


Calibrated sensors

The sensor is created by Sensirion, a Swiss company and the leading sensor manufacturer in a variety of industries. Being pre-calibrated, it offers high accuracy from the first installation. A calibration might be recommended after some months at the earliest and then once every year.

Easy installation

The device should be placed in the middle of a room at a height of approx. 1.5m, outside of window and door areas, to avoid strong airflows and therefore fluctuating values. Power is supplied via the USB-C connector.

Autonomous or online operation

It can operate either autonomously, indicating the level of CO2 in the room with LED traffic light, or online, by connecting to the Wi-Fi network and recording values in an online database.

Alert thresholds

The sensor uses a traffic light to show the carbon dioxide concentration in a room for ventilation. According to the range color, it will indicate the optimal CO2 level or when the concentration of carbon dioxide exceeds level that may adversely affect the health of those present in the room.

Online application

The recorded data can be accessed online using a mobile application or directly in the browser. In the application you can get access to one or more sensors where data is displayed in an easy-to-view way: historic reports, as well as the type and incidence of alerts. In addition, temperature and humidity can be monitored to ensure a favorable working or study environment.


Prevention tool

Clean air offers many benefits - it can prevent diseases caused by respiratory infections, and in the long run, it can help improve concentration and performance. Constant monitoring of carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in a room can help us maintain a healthy work environment.

Education tool

The presence of alerts not only helps to instantly adjust the concentration of CO2 by urging ventilation but can also contribute to long-term responsible behavior. This raises awareness of the factors that can negatively influence indoor air quality and creates a healthy habit for proper and more frequent ventilation of work and study spaces.

Control tool

By constantly monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide and closely monitoring the results and signals triggered in real time, good air quality can be maintained. Keeping the recommended values of CO2 indoor can make a big difference to human health.


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