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Improve Processes and Reduce Data Center Risk
with Nlyte DCIM Software Integration

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On the 27th of November, 2018 we had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive webinar “Improve Processes and Reduce Data Center Risk with Nlyte DCIM Software Integration” organized by Claritech in partnership with Nlyte Software.

Data Centers encounter challenges in optimizing their available physical resources, and in enabling a seamless integration of infrastructure into the enterprise’s business management solutions. That’s why companies need a strategy to support the future we are going forward, and Data Center Infrastructure Management receives vital importance.

What about a technology solution that offers support for the entire Data Center Workflow?

Nlyte DCIM Software is one of the most innovative solutions worldwide for Data Center Infrastructure Management, which helps companies like yours manage resources, offer 3D rack view, a better insight into resources, assets, and space.

Nlyte Software can bring businesses:

Increased Operational efficiency by up to 95%

Improved Compliance and Security

Better Decision Making based on real-time data

Agility, Performance and productivity rise by up to 80%

Process Automation that leads to significant cost savings (up to $10 k/employee each year)

Claritech brings Nlyte DCIM Software for the first time on the Romanian market, as a response to the stringent necessity of companies to have an immediate, holistic and innovative solution for Data Center Infrastructure Management.

Leave behind all your worries about Power, Space, and Environment, and empower the new solution Nlyte DCIM Software to support and help you increase efficiency, security, agility, and performance with your computing infrastructure.

The Webinar’s agenda:
– How companies use software to optimize their data centers and colocation facilities.
Top five areas companies focus on for savings and optimization.
– How data center infrastructure management (DCIM) improves ITSM/ITAM systems.

Discover some features by peeking a look at our product video.

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Your host:

Mark Gaydos

Chief Marketing Officer
Nlyte Software

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