Claritech becomes a member of the Romanian Association for Smart City

Categories: Claritech, PartnersPublished On: February 10th, 20211 min read

“Driven by efficiency” – For us it represents more than our slogan, it is a promise that gives us motivation and directs our attention to the implementation of new technology for sustainable and efficient systems. The most important focus for Claritech is for Energy Efficiency, Operational Efficiency and the Environment (especially air quality monitoring).

Through the partnership with the Romanian Association for Smart City we join their mission to develop networks of smart-creative cities, implementing technology-based solutions for local communities. We are confident that we can make an important contribution through our experience and solutions.

We want to be able to participate as much as possible to building a society based on technological advancement and on the intelligent use of data collected from IoT systems and sensors. We are also interested in measuring the impact on air quality of all economic or waste management activities and heating systems. We can apply concrete actions and informed decisions when we rely on accurate, real-time data.

Cristian Croitor, Managing Director of Claritech

About the Romanian Association for Smart City

The Romanian Association for Smart City is the main authority of the Smart City Industry in Romania with an ecosystem that brings together experts and professionals from each field relevant to the industry.

The vision of the association is to create a strong, innovative, sustainably developed nation, digitally educated, with involved citizens and accessible to all. In building the Smart City ecosystem, ARSC focuses on developing the main pillars of Smart Citizen, Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart Governance, Smart Living and Smart Mobility.